Creative Director – Producer – Radio Host Los Angeles, CA

I create with words, sound and pictures.

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The Past: Advertising Creative Director, Writer, Producer:

Scheyer started his career as a copywriter in Boston after graduating with a Masters from Boston University’s School of Public Communication. He also has a B.A. in Rhetoric and Communication from SUNY Albany.

His three decade long advertising career took him from Boston’s Campbell-Ewald to Grey and Bozelll in New York and after moving to the west coast in 1989 to the iconic Chiat/Day.

In 1992 at the request of three brave (and smart) clients he opened Scheyer/SF in his living room.

Three years later and until 2007 ScheyerSF created legendary ad campaigns from a Battery Street loft with a team of five full-time and as many as 100 freelancers. From Capcom (Street Fighter, Star Wars, Disney Video Games) to Quicken and QuickBooks for Intuit, to the very first introduction of downloadable music: the boutique shop often found itself not only winning awards but accolades as an innovative agency model in the Wall Street Journal and Ad Age. Over the years, Scheyer has also on the faculty of several universities teaching branding and creativity/writing.

The Past And The Present Musicologist, Radio Host, and Entrepreneur.

Radio Host:
The story goes something like this. DTM listened to a lot of legendary New York City radio as a kid. Top 40 WABC. Progressive WNEW-FM. So it’s not surprising that he won a lot of "guess the song contests" at the local radio stations that found him in real radio studios where he decided someday he would be as good as the D.J.s he idolized! At age 14 (9th Grade), Dennis the Menace auditioned for and was given his very own "Top 25" show on the first cable radio station in the U.S. followed by an article in the local newspaper headlined "Meet New York's Youngest D.J." That was the beginning of what is now over 35 years on the radio!

While still in college his interviews with Talking Heads, A Flock Of Seagulls and Thompson Twins aired on the "Rolling Stone Continuous History of Rock and Roll. Shortly after that he and Tad Bonvie created one of the earliest Sunday night specialty shows on the legendary KISS-108, Boston. “Music Scene” was the first show to mix dance and rock and roll music and featured interviews by Dennis with everyone from Madonna to Inxs.

Now he is host/producer of two syndicated specialty radio shows broadcast worldwide from his Menace Studio in the Lake Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles. “The Menace’s Attic” – Six Decades of Rock and Roll by Theme, and “Just Another Menace Sunday” that has featured over 1000 artist conversations with most popular artists of yesterday and today - from Mick Jones of The Clash to Phoenix. The show is also known for premiering “new melodic rock and roll” for passionate music lovers worldwide from stations in L.A., Toronto, New Zealand and more.

He also Music Director for 99.1 KBUU, Malibu, CA

Day Gig - PopCult:
Scheyer is the Founder/Creative Director of PopCult, a company that creates music podcasts for record labels, management, publishers and their artists.